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40 over 40 Perth Women

I was born into a loving and simple family. I was fortunate. Although we were never rich, I had a great childhood and wonderful friendship, some of which I am still holding onto now. In my late twenties I wanted a new challenge so I looked to distant shores and moved to Australia, the second best decision I ever made. The first one was giving birth to my children, Jeremy and two years later Jasmin. My son is now 14 and is my best friend. Jasmin is 12 and my partner in crime. They make my life amazing. 

In 2015 I woke up one morning, not knowing that my life was going to change forever. That afternoon an extremely intoxicated man decided it was a good idea to run into my car. It turned out to be not such a good idea for me. I broke multiple bones and had numerous surgeries. Then began the most difficult decision of my  life. I could choose to be a victim, or I could listen to my children and be strong. 

The image you see clearly shows you without question what I chose. My scars make me remember that nothing could break me. I never take anything for granted. I chose to learn from my pain, not let it defeat me. We are all stronger than we know. Let me end with a question. To the mothers reading this, do you remember when the doctors enabled you to listen to your baby’s heart beating in your womb? That is where I get my strength from. I held them in my body while their hearts grew. They hold me in their hearts now and I live because they love me. 

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