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Who am I? Who is Anna? 

I was 5th born into a family of 10 children. I grew up in a low social demographic suburb and attended a public school.

It was important to me that this financial struggle did not follow me into adulthood. I had a part time job when I was 14 and worked hard my whole life. I live a simple life and pride myself on the fact that I’m not materialistic and a follow a minimalist lifestyle which I love. I have been a solo mumma for 8 years now since my daughter Amy was 15 and my son Josh was 11 and they have not missed out on anything. They are beautiful, well-adjusted, caring humans who eat me out of house and home but I simply just adore. I have co parented with my ex husband Tony for this amount of time and we have a great relationship where the kids have been our 1st priority. 

About 5 and 1/2 years ago I discovered Yoga through my partner Cameron. LMAO even after I threw up repetitively after trying aerial yoga with him for the first time, he had the patience to take me to a few different classes to experience and explore the different yoga styles. 
We went on our 1st holiday together and spent a week immersed in the glorious yoga classes offered at Yoga Barn. I fell in love with how the practice made me feel so calm and relaxed, yet my body felt strong and energised. 

At the age of 43,  I did a 200 hour intensive Yoga Teacher Training. In the magical land of Bali I lived and breathed the beautiful experience of this training for an intense month with a group of amazing humans. In this time there was so much personal and spiritual growth, self reflection, and gratitude for my beautiful family, my gorgeous children and my amazing supportive partner. For everyone who has been on this life journey with me, making me who I am today. 

During the Spring and Summer months I offer Yoga Outdoors by Donation. I just want others to experience yoga and create a supportive community. Making Yoga accessible to everyone.

Age has no barriers and we should stand proud, united and honour our divine unique feminine selves. For me finding yoga in my 40’s, and being one of the eldest on the Yoga Teacher training course has taught me so much. I feel more empowered to navigate aging with confidence, intuition, self respect and love. 

Thank you Sharon for a wonderful experience. 

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