portraits for the heart and home

It is a fact that we live in a digital world and everyone has a phone camera. It is so simple to take, store and share pictures in the blink of an eye. The tradition of printing our images is sadly declining. The days of flicking through the pages of a physical photo album and reliving our childhood and the memories of those past, will soon be gone. That is why I choose to deliver physical printed images. I understand the importance of being able to share your favourite images on social media and the instant gratification this brings, but I also understand the value of printed images which have been around for many generations before; unlike the floppy disc, CD’s or any social media platform.

Now more than ever it is paramount to print your photos so that in one hundred years from now when the likes of Facebook and Instagram may no longer be around, you will still have your most cherished images to enjoy.

Most of my clients want to create stunning works of art of themselves and their loved ones to be displayed on their walls in their homes. By choosing professional labs that use archival quality paper and inks, you can be rest assured that your art will be around for generations to come.

Single prints start at $250, wall art at $550 and Collections start at $700. Most clients invest $1500-$3000 on their custom portrait experience.

ShaBo STUDIO offers the finest products to compliment your imagery; custom folio boxes which are made with the finest materials and are perfect for protecting and displaying your heirloom images.

Please connect with me for detailed information about products and collections.

Each portrait purchased will be accompanied by the corresponding digital file on your custom usb.

Payment plans and lay-by are available.

from gift prints to custom framed wall art

photography is the only language
that can be understood
anywhere in the world
~ bruno barbey