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40 over 40 Perth Women

I, born in Beijing in 1968,  schooling, got married and worked in the world’s top companies.

In 1998, we came to Australia just for an overview in abroad. At the end of 1999, we moved to Perth, where we settled down. Our 3 daughters kept coming during the 5 years I studied for a master’s degree in Curtin University.

In 2009, after 10 years of being a housewife, I went back to work just for chasing ability, charm, and perseverance again. I worked hard: a volunteer DJ at local Chinese radio station of WA, a real estate saleswoman, a wine exporter……..I’m glad I didn’t give up. 

Finally, in 2015, I and two other partners, we established our own company, Australia Origin Group,  running the international trading business, mainly exporting the Australian agricultural products to China. It has been six years.  I had experienced the financial difficulties, hard working on countless business trips back to China, with both achievement and bitterness. A midlife crisis, working pressure even some blue, some mess to raising kids, endless yearning for my aged dad in China, a less care to myself……. those are always company with me… Fortunately, I still did not give up.

2020, COVID 19 and outbreaks of economy, it has negative impact on every aspect of life. But I would like to say thanks to this year. Leg bone surgery led me to gym more. Working at home, it made me finally have time to study, to re-consider growing carefully and maturely. I also struggle for my further career development in coming 10 years.  I’m not perfect, even had a lot of regret for the way I passed. I walked all the way to be more motivated and will effort more in both work and life as a mature working mum with a self-enjoyed career development blueprint.  My confidence came back. I can do it, because I didn’t give up. You too.   

Age, body shape, appearance, wealth, ability, brain… this world is not fair. God favours one over another.  However, one is always right, constantly true, never ever give up.

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