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LIFE…..it goes by so fast!!

Born and grow – fun + games ….school + church + family holidays…..then the unthinkable happens – I’m orphaned at 14 years old!!!

I’ve no direction….don’t feel I belong….suddenly I’m an adult with no direction – LIFE is AWFUL!!!!!
I needed some surgery and while recovering in hospital, there it was, my direction – I could be a nurse!!! So that was it I became a nurse and I had found my direction or should I say my vocation!!

This is it – I was born to be a nurse!!! Everyday was wonderful…it was meant to be and I loved it!
Then I met a guy and we married in 1979 (still together) he is the love of my life and I am his! I became a wife…this is it – I was born to be a wife – everyday was wonderful and we lived for one another.

In 1986 we were blessed with a daughter – OH MY Goodness – this is love ???? 
I was born to be a mother. How wonderful is life, especially when 4 years later a baby boy arrives to complete our family. I’m the mother of a son….how wonderful life is.

Back to work as an opportunity came in my little part of the world to work with a Hospice.
Well this is it – Palliative care – something very different – I loved it – I was born to be a palliative care nurse – yep THIS is my vocation- I was a hospice nurse for 29 years and everyday was different.

I am a Christian and believe God has directed my life and brought us to this wonderful country.
And to put the icing on the cake along came grandchildren – 3 of them up to now – how wonderful this is what I’m BORN to be …a NANNA my heart bursts with love for these 3 little people.

And now the time has come to step back from paid employment- who knows when it’s time for retirement …for me the time is now and guess what ….I LOVE it  ….yep you know me already….I was meant for this time in my life and it’s for living until the end.
This is my life.

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