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“In a blink of an eye she will be all grown up, make the most of her while you can”  words of wisdom from my dear Mother when my daughter was born.

What she hadn’t told me was how fast MY childhood would pass, my turbulent teenage years, stumbling into adulthood,  marriage, a second marriage, motherhood then another relationship destined not to last.

Before I knew, I would find myself about to turn 57 years of age!

How could that be?

I didn’t think I looked THAT old  and certainly didn’t feel that old but my birth date confirmed it!

It was 2020, a defining year for the world…

A ‘Girls Weekend’ away with my three Besties was suggested in celebration of my birthday.

We all jumped at the chance to have some well deserved fun, a great excuse as it was mid COVID19.

A  long weekend at The Crown Casino, Burswood, Perth!

AND it was all about ME!!

It was my birthday weekend!!

My niece 5 yrs younger, my Kiwi girlfriend i had known since we were 17 and my ex sister in law from my first marriage, we met as 18 yr olds when dating our partners, who both were brothers.

Armed with kilos of cheeses  tonne of crackers and nuts, the obvious tinkling of various bottles of alcohol hidden in bags we arrived at The Crown for our 3 night stay.

First important task after check in, find the ice machine! Tick!

I was with My Girls, my beautiful friends,  THE ones that always had my back,  understood me, loved me, consoled me, cared for me at my lowest and most vulnerable times, who shared the best moments, loved my babies as their own and ones that never judged me, if they did, they knew to keep it to themselves!

All have their own beautiful uniqueness and qualities that I admire, adore and love,  they have my utmost loyalty and support and the understanding I would always be there for those good times and bad.

Deliriously engrossed in our drinks, cheese, crackers, banter flowing, it came apparent that we were of the same person.

We all had SCARS…

Some physical, others deep seated emotional scars.

Ugly scars that defined our being and our existence.

We were all victims….

Of OUR innocence, OUR loyalty and the driving need to help others which was sadly turned against everyone of us, to the detriment of our own souls.

We all had danced with the ‘Devil’ over our years with the narcissistic partner, husband, lover…

We all have our own horror stories deeply embedded within our own memories to keep from our children and families to protect them… and ourselves I guess.

We all had fought for our survival,  physically and mentally, fought to rebuild that ’empty shell’ of a soul left after the narcissistic partner had once fed from for years.

I speak for my ‘Sisters’…

We had to find the fight from within to survive, redefine our lives  if not we would lose ourselves forever in a life of despair,  find the strength from within to rebuild, learn to understand we DO have that right to exist, learn to LOVE ourselves for the first time in our lives and embrace who we have now become…

Beautiful women, with scars…

We all have our own stories to tell, I am  just one of many women that had to rebuild their life when the wrong choices send one down the wrong pathway of life…

My scars define who I am


Lover of Cheese n Crackers!

A Beautiful Woman with Scars

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