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My whole life, I put myself on a pedestal to be perfect and have been hard on myself when I fell off it. I was always telling myself I was never good enough. I never liked myself or my body and, I was always feeling like a failure and unhappy.  

Turning 40 was a turning point for me, and my husband leaving our marriage the same year was the catalyst for an amazing life changing experience for me. I went from “happily married” to my life turning upside down in a week; I didn’t know how to cope.

I hit rock bottom.

I got talking with Sharon at ShaBo STUDIO who suggested a photo shoot might be good for the soul, a bit of self-love. I was terrified! Having a photo shoot with Sharon (in lingerie!) was an amazing experience. She helped me to overcome my fears and begin to accept and embrace my body the way it is now. I felt sexy again for the first time in years. Sure, there are parts of my body I would like a bit perkier or more taught, but I have now realised that curves, dips or lines do not define the woman I am or have become, they are simply a part of my life journey.

Every day since, I have grown and become stronger; my self-confidence has returned.

Thanks Sharon x

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