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40 over 40 Perth Women

Having been on a journey and loosing 50kilos I finally thought I would feel beautiful and enough, but I realised that the fear in my head, the doubts and the critic in my head was still there.

It was my self talk that needed to change, it didn’t matter if I was a size 20 or size 10; I needed to accept and love myself.

When I heard of The 40 over 40 Project, I was so excited. I wanted to be part of it but was scared (well petrified actually) and I thought what would people think, I wasn’t beautiful enough, I wasn’t perfect enough, there was no way I could do it.

I needed to face my fear of not being good enough and just go for it!

I realised it was me that had to accept myself, I am enough I just needed to believe it in my head. I’m happy to say that I now do truly believe that I am good enough, beautiful in my own way both inside and out!

Thank you Sharon for helping me see that and of course for my fabulous photos!

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