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40 over 40 Perth Women

When I turned 40, I had an idea to treat myself to a boudoir style photoshoot to celebrate my achievements since separating at 35 and making major changes with my life. I did not want how I was at 35, to be the example that my kids saw as acceptable – or to be accepted – and I changed that.  

However, life gets busy, procrastinated and put it off. Fast approaching birthday No. 43 and having had a traumatic 2021 with cancer diagnosis of immediate family members, I decided to finally do it when the opportunity presented to be included in the 40 over 40 Project with 39 other amazing ladies.  

This is me. A single mum of three, now running her own business and when I set my mind to it, I do it. Maintaining my equine love and commitments, I have also reignited the passion for my drawing which has resulted in commissioned works. One accomplishment that is absolute highlight is now being a proud owner/rider of a Harley Davidson motorcycle and purchasing my first property.  

Training regularly, the excuse of waiting until I’m ‘this or that’ physically was no longer, the body (and mind) is the strongest and fittest it has ever been. This is me in my mostly natural state, trusting the lady behind the lens to be creative and capture that.

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