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What does it means to be fabulous and over 40. I am not sure that I know but I would like to share a bit of my story.  

I am a Mum of two, a wife and business owner.  I am an intelligent woman that has been given so many opportunities in my life and I am very grateful for my life and everyone and everything in it. 

When I was younger I had huge dreams of world domination. I was convinced that I was different and special, I was going to change the world.  I just didn’t know how.  And to make things harder I was held back by feelings of inadequacy, that if I am honest, I have had all my adult life. Feelings that I was not enough no matter what I achieved, how I looked etc. 

When I turned 40 I lost the plot a little.  I really started to wobble on the tightrope that had become my life.  I had my PhD, got married, had my two kids, started a business, had a house & car, when on wonderful holidays, travelled the world for work, was financially comfortable but it didn’t feel like this was the world domination I was destined for. Was this it?

It took me another few years to start a journey, with earnest, to discover me and learn to love and appreciate all that I have done and all that I can achieve.  

The keys are honesty and kindness.


I have spent countless hours reading, watching and participating in experiences that have helped me to look inwards and learn that the ultimate strength comes from the space held in vulnerability.  This is where fear stands exposed and ready to be addressed.

It is a journey, and I am on my way. But what does success look like here?

Inner peace and strength.

I want to pass these learnings onto my children while they are young so that they don’t waste a single second of their lives with fear and self-doubt holding them back. I want for them to feel strength in vulnerability to discover their beautiful selves and bring to the world all that they are.  I want them to know that they are supported to reach for the stars every single day, particularly on the days they think they can’t do it.  They are perfectly beautiful just the way they are and that they are enough. 

Hmmmm sounds like some good advice really!

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