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40 over 40 Perth Women

I live in Stoneville on a 5-acre bush block with my husband and our 4 chickens and love the peace and quiet and all the wildlife that visits the garden. I have just watched a goanna saunter across the patio.  

After working hard all our lives we were lucky enough to be able to retire last year in our early 50s.  Now I have plenty of time, I have decided that this year I can concentrate on me.  I am trying to eat more healthily, cut out the bad habit of having wine with dinner (though Windy Creek wine from the Swan Valley is very hard to resist!) and exercise more regularly. It’s so good to be able to exercise when I want to instead of rushing to squeeze it in between work and dinner. Our plan was to travel a lot once we retired, so far we’ve seen a lot of WA! Thankfully we live in an amazing state with plenty of National Parks and places to visit and go walking. Hopefully we’ll be able to travel further afield soon.

I chose to be part of the 40 over 40 project to mark the start of this new chapter of my life and push myself out of my comfort zone, as I’m usually rather shy. It was lovely to be pampered having my hair and makeup done and Sharon did an amazing job of making me relax and feel good about myself in front of the camera.

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