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My dear friend, Christine, spoilt me to this photo shoot for my 50th Birthday. It did trigger a few questions, which I have been avoiding thinking about: 

What is it actually like to be 50? It is strange somehow. On one hand I find it downright cool: 50 sounds somehow more awesome than 49. On the other hand I have little sense of adulthood anyway, let alone age. There is a Peter Pan character in me.

Looking at the physical side of things: of course, at over 50 years of age, I can rarely keep up with someone 20-30 years younger; gravity does the rest.

But isn’t it just the experienced wrinkles or the one or two loving ‘menopausal kilogram’ more on the hips that have so many memories to tell about life?

And what about many other inner values, which tend to become more important to me with every year progressing?

What beautiful is and what I like about me, is what I make of and for myself at any age in my life – because then I am not concerned about others, whom I do not satisfy or to whom I have become too old. Exactly then I also have the strength and self-confidence to let go and to go on new and my very own ways.

So – as I have learnt in the photo shoot from Sharon: chest and bum out, belly in, chin forward – I am practicing in front of the mirror, posing for the next picture – for the next chapter in life, and what winks at me in love, that’s actually me… and I wink back!

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