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Shy and wild at the same time.  I am a devoted wife and mum of two gorgeous ‘mini-mes’.  And wasn’t thinking of changing my life or of living in Australia but…

My life started in Paris 41 years ago where I spent all my childhood with my mum, dad, brother and sisters and part of my adult life. An enjoyable life in a magical city.  So why did I leave Paris for Australia?  I don’t know.

Perhaps because my partner, who after having suffered a car accident which nearly cost him his life, decided to give up everything to live and learn English in Australia.  He told me he wanted to go for just six months, but fews years later he’s still in Australia.

I couldn’t leave at the same time as him because I was still working and the fact of having to live far from my family didn’t enchant me and above all I had a huge fear of leaving for a country where the most dangerous animals in the world live.  I was especially worried about the snakes and spiders.

But in the end, I decided to join him for a holiday at first and I fell under the spell of Australia although the first time I went out for a ride on my bike with my partner, a big black snake decided to cross the road.  I was terrified and couldn’t move for a little while but then I had the courage to get back on my bike and continue on the road.  We still laugh a lot today about this.  It was totally hilarious and despite this encounter I still decided to follow my partner on this crazy adventure! I have absolutely nothing to regret because out of this special adventure two little girls were born.

I celebrated my 40th birthday last year and since that day I don’t know why but I feel much more liberated, confident and prettier than before.  I want to enjoy to the fullest this life and do everything that I could not have achieved before.  

Now I share my life with my partner, my daughters, my friends, my workmates and fellow students and I really enjoy my life more than before.

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