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Approaching the age of 40 and knowing (and constantly hearing) the phrase “Fabulous 40” felt like a cliché at the time and whilst it got thrown around so much leading up to the “big month” of August and there was so much of me that was so excited, I know for sure I had those voices in my head that were scaring the crap out of me! When I had to really ask myself the question, what was I gaining by ageing and what was I losing (the pro’s and cons).

I know now that the pro’s of the upcoming turn of age, were indeed to out way the cons. Back then it really did weigh on my insecurities knowing my body was going to age more significantly (cause let’s face it we had that wonderful youth of the 20’s and 30’s), the wrinkles already appearing would only get deeper and more prominent, the grey hairs most definitely had become an issue and this was only going to get worse. Our daughter was growing more and more independent even at the age of 11, my 40’s would see her fly the coop one day (which she did last year), my metabolism would slow down, I would grow increasingly closer to the “change” and probably most prominent for me “would my husband still love me”. So August arrives and we throw that awesome Fabulous 40 party and there it is, there’s certainly no going back now!

Why all those frightening fears? Whilst the 40’s have brought me ups and downs (which is no different to my entire life) I have endured so much more growth, spiritually, mentally and physically. I stopped dyeing those grey hairs (now 3 years all naturelle) and embracing my new look. Whilst more greys blend into my now natural hair colour, my skin pigment changing and I am able to explore new colours with my makeup and my wardrobe (I wouldn’t dare to wear pink back in the day), out with the old and in with the new! I have explored botox a couple of times for my crows feet lines but I am certainly not obsessed with it and very open to try more one day, giving myself the okay if I do or don’t. I am 3 more Grandchildren luckier. Our daughter moving out was one of the hardest times of my life but seeing her succeed and grow into such a strong, inspiring young woman, is most heartwarming. My “so supportive” husband and I are strangely yet wonderfully starting a new chapter, just the 2 of us! More emotionally, spiritually, and physically free and although we still have challenging days, we are more in love now that the focus is purely “us”.

Life is so precious, learning more and more everyday not to fear the ageing process but to embrace it! There is no doubt that wisdom is the most wonderful thing that we get to take with us through our journey and continuing to grow with love for our life, taking nothing for granted and really appreciating everyday we have as a gift of life, for each new day is another day to explore and grow within yourself allowing you to give more in your world.

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