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When I turned 40, I didn’t get the anxiety and apprehension that many of my other friends got. I guess I saw it as a new opportunity, for growth and reflection. I had always compared myself, and my life, to others, quite often feeling inadequate. I felt like I hadn’t really accomplished much in my 40 years.

So, as I travelled through my 40’s, I realised the only person I needed to please, was Me! If I was happy, then those around me would benefit from that.

I began to look at life a different way… through my eyes, and not others. I had some counselling, to help me uncover, recognise and deal with my insecurities.

This combined with being true to Myself, enabled Me to become more confident and more aware of my feelings.

Now, as I have just turned 50, I am very comfortable with who I am.

I don’t generally feel pressured by others opinions of me, or what values I believe in. I realise I am worthy and deserving of a good, happy and well-rounded life.

I now surround myself with genuine, positive people. I have always retained a little bit of the “Child” in myself, and try not to take everything too seriously.

Life hasn’t always been rosy or perfect, and there has been many challenges along the way.

But I can honestly say, at 50, I am loving life, loving the people I surround myself with, loving the confidence and contentment I am feeling within me, and no longer feel the need to justify Myself, or my choices.

All in all, getting older has given me the power to be Me… truthfully and genuinely.

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