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40 over 40 Perth

As a woman I grew up with a very critical point of view on myself and my body. Having three children changed my body physically and the way I viewed it which was with a critical eye. When I reached my 40’s for a number of reasons my views in general started to change, as well as the way I saw my body. I could say all part of the stereotypical “mid-life crisis”.

I started to gym and appreciated the changes and started to embrace them. I don’t think the physical changes were as big as the mental changes, which I think is part of getting older and appreciating the important things in life, that you don’t in your 20’s and 30’s.  

When I saw the opportunity to capture who I was as a women in my 40’s, I should say late 40’s, I thought it was a great opportunity to capture who I am in this moment of my life and embrace it, as we all know we are not getting younger. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will cherish the photo’s.

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