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Amber : Spinal Bifida Warrior

When Amber booked in for my Movember Head Shot Fundraiser, she let me know during our consultation that she was in a wheelchair; I am not going to lie, this was a first for me! Even though it was a simple head shot session, I wanted to glam it up a bit, do something special. I threw together a flower wreath with items in my Studio and put Amber on the spot by asking her if she would like to change into the Studio gown – she looked a little shocked but excited all at the same time! I am so grateful that Amber chose me to capture her portrait and that she trusted me to create this image;

Now for a little Q&A so that you can get to know Amber!

Q. What prompted you to book your portrait experience with ShaBo Studio?

A. I needed a head shot for my business Wheelie Good Perth and ShaBo STUDIO is local to me in the Swan Valley. I had been following ShaBo STUDIO on Instagram for a while and loved Sharon’s work.

Q. Tell me about your business! Why did you start your business, when did you start and what inspires you? Drives you ect..

A. My business is called Wheelie Good Perth. I started my business in 2021 during the COVID pandemic. I was inspired to start my business after my dad and nanny passed away only 3 months apart; I was depressed and didn’t know how to continue on with life. My business gave me the strength and motivation to keep going. Through Wheelie Good Perth I help businesses see the importance of accessibility and with my unique lived experience accessibility audit I show businesses where they excel at accessibility and how they can improve accessibility with affordable and practical solutions to their accessibility problems. I promote each business I work with through my Instagram @wheeliegoodperth and give each business my 4 wheel review and post photos of my visit to each business. I am also a freelance writer for Weekend Notes and Perth is OK and I write about accessible businesses throughout Perth Western Australia. I also write my own blog on my website I write about my experiences as a person with a disability and a wheelchair user. I have also become a mentor to many in the disabled community and an accidental influencer.

Q. Tell me a little about yourself.

A. I’m 36 years old, 1 of 4, I am the second oldest. I’ve lived in Perth, Western Australia all my life but have travelled extensively and love to travel. I am passionate about accessibility and making the world more accessible for people with disabilities. I was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. I am a single mum to a teenager and I have a toy poodle called Jessie. I enjoy having my own business which has opened up my world. I’ve met some wonderful business owners and other disabled people. My favourite colour is purple. 

Q. What was the most memorable moment during your experience with ShaBo STUDIO, 

A. I had no intention of changing outfits and Sharon had this stunning black gown and helped me change. I was nervous, I don’t feel I’m photogenic but Sharon helped me feel comfortable and the result was beautiful photos. 

Q. How did you feel before your portrait session?

A. Nervous! 

Q. How did you feel during your portrait session. 

A. Relaxed, happy, I enjoyed the whole experience.

Q. How did you feel after your portrait session.

A. Relieved, excited and happy. 

Q. How did you feel when you first saw your images? 

A. I was thrilled with the images and couldn’t wait to share them with everyone. I’m more photogenic than I thought. Sharon made me look amazing! 

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