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I am 45 and Fabulous, when I came into Sharon’s studio I had a story which went like this;

After coming out of an emotionally abusive on/off relationship in 2019 with someone who played a lot of games I was ready to find someone who was genuine, kind and in their heart. Literally the only things I asked the Universe was for someone “Kind and Lovely”, “Someone who knows what love is”.

Then I went onto Hinge after much reluctance as I have never believed in internet dating, I always wanted to meet someone organically in person. It was May 2020 and the pandemic had just kicked off and we were in lock down so I though why not?

I met *^%$s, he is a farmer, and a gentleman. I found love at 44, we are trying for a baby as it has always been my wish to have children, however I will be incredibly lucky to have one at this stage.  *$&#s also always wanted children.  This baby is very much wanted by both parents and that has always been where my intention has been for my child to be born that is very much wanted and loved by both parents.  I want the whole package.

We have been to fertility specialists and we are going through IVF, it is a difficult journey, however I have so much faith and hope that we will receive our wish and there is enough love between us to make it happen.

The next step is to move to the Country in July and am very much looking forward to a slower pace and to relax and enjoy the moments of every day life. The South West of WA is not a bad place to be, with Margaret River being just over 1 hours drive away and Bridgetown is a 30 minute drive away.

I feel that I am in a really great place to bring a very wanted child into the world.

During my photoshoot with Sharon, I felt really good about myself and connected with myself on a deeper level and saw a kind and beautiful soul, a kind and beautiful woman. The way I felt during this moment and the new light in which I was beginning to see myself, I realized that I had actually been blind sighted and had attracted the same thing to me again but in a different way. I was at a crossroads.  

My story has now changed;

Things didn’t work out and I have faith that I will find someone who is genuine, kind and in their heart. Someone “Kind and Lovely”, “Someone who knows what love is and who is not selfish and can communicate really well. Most of all I want someone very caring”.  

I need a man not a child. Are there any real men left out there?

My business has been my focus for the last 9 years and I have been married to my business but I am ready now to meet someone genuine and lovely and have my happy ever after with a beautiful caring man and a baby.

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