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40 over 40 Perth Women

I am no doubt similar to many other amazing females out there… wake up one day & finding themselves over 40, single parenting with 2 gorgeous & dynamic teenagers, working full time & juggling all aspects of living a full & wonderful life.

I work in the mining industry & surprisingly STILL in 2022, female participation rates are much too low. I volunteer in many aspects in an endeavour to increase the face of women in resources (WA NAWO committee member) but also generally increase awareness of the resources industry to high school students (Get Into Resources committee Chair) to ensure our future world continues being able to live as we do & that generations to come improve on the ways & means we do so. This is my passion.
Personally, I have recently taken on a leadership role in mining & have always struggled with imposter syndrome & low confidence. This opportunity to be involved in the ShaBo project was daunting, scary & to be honest I was nervous as hell. But I applied & was surprisingly accepted!  

My shoot was just after my birthday, so my amazing partner took the opportunity to gift me some gorgeous items to wear. Sharon was very kind & caring and worked with me in our session to allow me to be brave, and gain some confidence & on seeing her results it brought me a true sense of self love and acceptance. I have had a fun & full life, and I believe Sharon captured my inner power & shows me as the strong & beautiful female I am! I love the results. Truly thankyou, Jade

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