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40 over 40 Perth Women

To live a life of complete satisfaction where you can feel true happiness and fulfillment, you MUST discover your PURPOSE. 

I realized I was not “just” going to settle into an average existence.

Could I live with myself if I had to look back on my life’s contributions and would I feel regret? Regret that I did not DO IT ALL….. 

Driven and inspired to share my passion with the world I discovered that you can only improve your life if you have a REASON.

You have to be willing to go the extra mile even when you get tired but if you have your reasons clearly defined then it will give you that extra STRENGTH and the extra fuel when needed. It takes courage to step into your purpose but it will pull you up when you feel like you don’t have the strength. It will keep you fighting when everyone else thinks you have nothing left in the tank. Remember what, why and who you are fighting for, what drives that passion and purpose. FEEL your purpose DEEP, promise yourself every day you WILL live out your purpose with ZERO EXCUSES! 

As I meander towards reaching 50, I reflect on how I can share that the road to success is never easy, many people will be waiting for you to mess-up, give up or even fail but when you reach success, you will not take it for granted and you will cherish all of those character building moments. When you do fail, simply get back up and dust yourself off. Find that part within yourself that no matter what, does not change because you are driven by the commitment you have made to yourself to becoming the minority, one that refuses to yield, one that continuously reinvents herself to love the skin she is in.

There will be times when you can’t see how you are going to make it, the storms and cloudy days will come. It is the rainbow that reminds you, that deep purpose is worth fighting. It’s about making the RIGHT CHOICES that keep your purpose LIT UP on your inside because it will over time sustain you – your body will change, your face will eventually age until only what is at the heart of you remains. 

I have learned that your purpose may be something you DON’T want but know it is your calling to become. Shame, in any form, has the power to destroy relationships, those with family, friends, lovers and with ourselves. It will only feed your fear and trust me – “fear” – it is a liar. It will convince you that dropping down to the level of the average human is safer than becoming “EVERYTHING” you can be. You are extraordinary, step into owning every imperfect perfection that makes you – you and love on yourself hard. 

Becoming a Sexologist was my calling, my life’s work, to open the door to acceptance of the weird, of the taboo, of the kink, of the extra-ordinary expressions we can experience whilst living through this human experience. I implore you to step fully into your femininity now, embrace it, allow it to ignite by trusting it and finally by nurturing it through its many stages of maturity.

ALWAYS tend to the fire within. 

Don’t wait to become… 

An unapologetically, authentically raw and real 100% woman.

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