What to wear… and what NOT to wear!

Do you want to get the most out of your session? The right clothing choices can literally be the difference between an amazing shoot and an average shoot and we want AMAZING! Your session is going to be super special and your images will be a heirloom for you and your family to cherish for generations to come. It is worth the extra effort you take to put together some fabulous outfits that really show off your beautiful personality.

What to wear

It is so important that you choose clothes that look, fit and feel great. The clothes that are most flattering are form fitting, with sleeves. Bring a variety of choices. Include different seasons. Layers are AWESOME! I love layers and TEXTURES! Think soft frills. Think lace. Think delicate DETAILS. Solid colours are always a great classic choice. Please for the love of all things fashion, please bring a BLACK outfit! Black clothes against my black backdrop are my favourite and even those who say “I don’t wear a lot of black” love these images. A nice pair of jeans is a good addition to your collection! Simple patterns can work but sometimes look too busy. Neutrals, soft colours, darker tones and earthy colours work the best. I love accessories too! Hats, scarves, jewellery, flowers, guitars, balloons, cool shoes; think creatively and make a statement that represents YOU! Lets talk undergarments; girls… please make sure that you think about appropriate underthingys for each outfit. Try on your outfits before your session. Natural make-up is the best option and ensuring your hair is well groomed is very important. If you are not confident or you simply want to get the full luxury experience then be sure to book our professional hair and make up stylist. Pay attention to any unwanted hair! Eyebrows, underarms, legs… Appropriate de-hairing is highly recommended!

and what NOT to wear

Don’t assume that because an item of clothing is deemed trendy right now that it will look good in your portraits. Busy and loud patterns, bold and bright colours, logos and motifs all detract the eyes attention away from YOU and puts the focus on the item of clothing itself. This is NOT what we want to achieve with your look. Unless of course you are wearing something specific to your brand for your Personal Branding photoshoot in which case the rules don’t apply. Be mindful of the hemline of your chosen outfit as this will restrict your posing opportunities. Consider the neckline of your outfit especially if the images are for public display and require a little more modesty. Flowy tops and dresses are adorable but do nothing to flatter your body shape so consider form fitting items instead.

Please IRON your clothes! Put them on hangers or lay them nicely in a suitcase or carry bag. Wrinkles show in photos.



If it is all too much please let me know and I will connect you with our amazing stylist who will help you to co-ordinate the perfect collection of outfits for your photoshoot, she will even take you shopping if you want!

Hiring clothes is always an option too if you would like that MINDBLOWING luxurious dress or suit but don’t want to purchase, let me know and I will give you the deets of our favourite outlets.