At ShaBo STUDIO, I take the health and safety of our clients and contractors very seriously. Covid-19 is evolving and I am committed to keeping up to date with all of the Federal and State Health Department guidelines and recommendations.

I have introduced several additional measures to help keep all clients and contractors safe. While many of these are normal infection precautions some have been specifically introduced in response to Covid-19.

Essentially all the changes I have made are designed to limit the potential for cross infection, that is limiting the potential for the virus to be passed between individuals.

I understand that this is a worrying time for most. I apologise for the inconvenience these necessary changes cause and thank you for understanding as to why these measures have been introduced. In Summary:

  • Strict hand hygiene is in place for anyone entering or leaving the Studio, hand sanitiser is available for your convenience at the entrance;
  • Infection control procedures are constantly reviewed, and changes are made as specifically recommended for Covid-19;
  • To minimise the risk to the health and safety of mine and my family and other clients, I ask that you phone to postpone your session if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, I thank you for your understanding and compliance.

So rest assured, I am doing everything I can to make ShaBo STUDIO safe for all.