a project showcasing the

journey to motherhood

I speak openly with my clients about their journey to motherhood; we talk about the trials and tribulations that we all seem to go through, albeit some more challenging than others. We also talk about the wins. The fact that they are standing in my studio having their belly bump photographed to remember this miracle moment for ever in the form of a portrait;

It isn’t always an easy journey for some, to fulfil their inner most desire to become a parent. I know first hand the emotional roller coaster that a cycle of IVF treatment entails; But to celebrate the wins, to celebrate those who endured more than most to conceive and make their dreams a reality, I am compiling stories and portraits of women who want to share their success story of their journey to motherhood and will be showcasing these in a beautiful hard copy magazine (there will also be an electronic version but the printed copy will be spectacular!).

Tell me, do you have a unique success story of your journey to motherhood? Do you want to be photographed by ShaBo STUDIO showcasing your belly bump? Are you comfortable sharing your story of your journey to motherhood? then this project is perfect for you!

Pre session consultation

We will start with your consultation

to discuss all things relating to your

photoshoot including a step by step

guide on how to prepare for your

maternity session.

The cost to participate

There is no cost involved in participating

in this project.

Hair and make up styling

You are welcome to add on hair and make up for your session. This option is $180.

Portrait experience

You will be fully guided on posing

and wardrobe throughout your

studio portrait experience, leaving

you feeling like a queen! we will take things slow and allow for mini breaks if you feel the need.

Studio wardrobe

All of your wardrobe needs are available in Studio for your convenience.

With an array of prop choices you wont have to think of a thing or worry about nothing pretty fitting! I have you covered :)

Your gift

At your reveal you will be gifted

one image from your session.

You will have the opportunity to purchase more images if you choose, but there is no obligation. Your image, along with your story, will feature in the Studio magazine.

Are you ready to document and share your incredible journey to motherhood?

if you would love to document your journey, are committed to the session and are willing to share your pregnancy story, then I would love to hear from you!

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Prior to your application, please ensure that you agree with all of the following:

You will commit to the maternity portrait session and you will commit to providing your journey's story for the project.


Portraits of all of the participants and their stories will be featured across all ShaBo STUDIO social media platforms and it's sponsors.


I may request that you participate in a short video interview discussing your story and what motherhood means to you which will be shared across all ShaBo STUDIO media platforms.


I may request that you be photographed prior to your hair and make up experience to be used for before + after marketing purposes.


each and every single moment of our lives is a gift. the photos we choose to capture are for the generation to follow. to tell our story. to share who we are, who we were. it is to help them know where they are going because they will know where they came from.