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Your top 5 questions about your Newborn photoshoot answered {Perth Family Portrait Photographer}

Your top 5 questions about your Newborn photoshoot answered {Perth Family Portrait Photographer}

#1 : When is the best time to have my new baby photographed?

You are a first time mama and you don’t know what to expect, you don’t know how long you will be in hospital or how you will be with your new baby and committing to booking a newborn session is a little daunting!


During your second or third trimester we will schedule your due date on the studio calendar; I always allow for early or late arrivals around your due date so please don’t worry about that! Once baby has arrived and you have notified the studio, we will confirm your actual session date within the first ten days from arrival to ensure the sleepy curled up poses.





#2 : Do you include parents and or siblings in the photoshoot?

You are unsure if you would want to be included in the photo shoot your self, you are thinking that it might be a struggle to wrangle baby’s siblings to arrive at your session on time! not to mention getting your partner to agree to be IN the photograph as well!


I will fully guide you and pose you to most flatter your figure and showcase your newest family member; I will aim to capture several set ups to include all family members. It is a great idea if your partner and any siblings pop out of the studio once we have the family group images captured so that we can concentrate on capturing beautiful sleepy poses of baby in a quiet environment.





#3 : What should I dress baby in?

I have some very cute outfits for baby, do I bring them along?


I typically photograph newborns nude, either on the bean bag or in newborn specific props. The use of studio wraps and newborn specific outfits (which have all been purchased from specialist newborn prop vendors to ensure the safest materials for baby) is preferred. Although, you are more than welcome to bring sentimental items (such as clothes, teddies, blankets) and we will endeavour to include them in the session. You will receive the studio information pack which is very detailed in how to prep the whole family for your newborn session once your booking has been confirmed;




#4 : What do I wear?

Nothing much fits at the moment and you may not be feeling the most glamorous;


A fitted plain black top (singlet or t-shirt) and black pants is what I suggest to capture that classic look; I do have several sized black tops in the studio for use if you do not have one. Black on black is classic and flattering to everyone. This being said, I do also suggest white on white or white on cream for a softer look.





#5 : Newborn sessions are expensive!

I really want to capture this milestone but your prices are a little higher than I expected;


I have invested in my training with some of the top newborn photographers world wide to ensure that I am fully equipped with the knowledge to safely pose and capture your precious newborn. Using only newborn specific props which have been hygienically cleaned after every use ensures the upmost safety for your precious newborn. To treasure these memories, I offer archival prints and products to ensure that your images will last for many generations to come; I invite you to a no obligation in person consultation in my studio to view the products and to discuss any other questions you may have;




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