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What to expect from the ShaBo Experience {Perth Portrait Photographer}

I have always been that person who does it a little differently, who adds their own flair to everything that they do and my photography style is no exception! I strive to offer a unique experience, something very unlike the masses; I create a vintage luxe style in-studio photo shoot for everyday people.

From the moment you book, I start helping you to prepare for the most incredible photo shoot.

Before Your Shoot
With out a doubt, the biggest initial concern is, “What am I going to WEAR?!” don’t stress though, I’ve got you covered.

I pride myself in providing each client with a customised, one-on-one high end experience; think luxury and sophistication!  We always start with a Pre-Session Consultation either in person or over the phone where you get to ask as many questions as you can think of, see the quality of products and I get to learn all about you so that I can give you the best experience during your session.  The Pre-Session Consultation is very important because that is where you can see our products for yourself, and we can start to plan the session together.  You will be guided with preparations and planning in the lead up to your session.

The Day of Your Shoot
Expect to be pampered! Once you arrive at the Studio on shoot day you will be greeted with your choice of coffee, tea or water and of course our signature yummy treats! Then you can relax while you get your hair and makeup done by my professional makeup artist, and show off what makes you amazing during your session.

Sessions take place in my studio, on location somewhere, or both. You don’t need to worry about preparing poses or anything as I will fully guide you through out the entire shoot. In fact, posing all body types is my superpower.

I use fashion-inspired lighting, posing, and styling that creates magazine-worthy images of you. I have several backdrop options to ensure that your collection has just the right amount of variety.

After Your Shoot
Within two weeks from your shoot date, you will be invited back to the Studio for your in person Ordering and Reveal Session.  You will be presented with a minimum of twenty retouched prints, beautifully displayed on the reveal wall to make your selection process straightforward! It doesn’t make sense to leave you on your own, so I don’t! Everything is catered to you and I am right there to answer questions, calm nerves (don’t be nervous, you are awesome!), and walk you through the process from start to finish.

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