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Tammie’s Birth Story | Perth Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Tammie and I had big plans for her final maternity session; we were going to do a grand set up with gold leaf foil, we had several outfits planned and of course the final image of the maternity time line that we had been compiling through out Tammie’s beautiful pregnancy… But baby Max had other plans!

Tammie has graciously agreed to share her amazing birth story with us all, so grab the tissues! and enjoy the read; to document and be apart of this journey has been an absolute honour to say the least.

I am a first time mum & had planned an at home water birth, something I felt so empowered & excited about. I was very aware of all the unexpected changes that can occur during pregnancy and had 3 birth plans in place but my most fave was thinking of birthing at home in our environment and without intervention.
Our baby was due on the 24th February 2019 but decided to arrive on the 21st January 2019, 5 weeks early. Our baby Max Watts ???? he decided to change it all up.
Mummas, be prepared for anything. 
I was celebrating my mother’s blessing the night before, it was high energy, beautiful, emotional and the most empowering night with some of my closest sistas, I believe the high vibrations called our little man out early he was too keen to arrive earth side.

Sunday 20th January 155am my waters broke while lying in bed. I had been experiencing back pain and tightening of my tummy during my blessing but didn’t think too much about it, in my mind it was way too early for bub to arrive. I called our midwife and she instructed us to head to King Edward Memorial hospital as i was only 35 weeks. 
Luckily my bags where already packed and we left straight away. We arrived at the hospital about 230am and I was hooked to machines and monitored closely, it was official, I was in labor. At this moment though I was still kind of a bit blarzay about it all, it was so unexpected to even be at a hospital. I labored until 4pm that day 20th Jan, the hospital didn’t check my dilation as they wanted to minimize the chance of infection because my waters had broken so early, my contractions where far apart at about 1 every 30-40min.
I remember the contractions. They were kind of like bad tummy cramps, to get through them I focused on my breathing, soft lips & more relaxing exercises I had learnt in yoga. By 5pm my contractions had stopped, the hospital called it “fizzling out” this was kind of a good thing as they had the opportunity to give me 1 dose of steroids to help speed up the growth of baby Max’s lungs. They then transferred me to a maternity ward to keep me monitored and I was able to get some needed sleep. 
1230am on Monday the 21st January I began having contractions again, this time they were much stronger and each only 10min apart. The hospital called hubby at 130am and told him to get to the hospital it’s all happening. I remember thinking I hope he makes it in time, I remember the room being very calm and with low light, it was kind of the reminder I needed to stay calm and breathe through it all, not to get scared.

My Midwife looked at me and said “start pushing”!

When I was taken down to the birthing room I was shivering uncontrollably, not because I was cold but I just couldn’t control what my body was doing, my adrenaline was pumping. It was go time. I was going to meet my baby!
I labored until 930am naturally, standing next to the bed with hubby and my midwife rubbing my back with each contraction, all I kept picturing was my baby moving downwards through my pelvis. After all this time I had dilated to 5cms, I asked for the gas at this point and laid on the bed. I didn’t enjoy the feeling the gas gave me but used it for a few hours, I didn’t dilate any further and by this time the monitoring of bub was showing that with each contraction there was signs of distress, his heart rate would drop but steadily come back. The doctors and nurses where watching this closely.
At 1230pm I decided to have the epidural, I remember being so so tiered by then. After the epidural I felt human again, it’s like I was able to see and hear properly I felt more alert and responsive, ready to birth my baby. 
Our baby boy was still showing signs of distress and this was concerning the doctors, they attached a monitor to his little head making it easier to read his heart rate & they also took blood samples to ensure he wasn’t building up lactic acid as a result of his distress. The tests kept coming back at low levels and the doctors where happy for me to keep going the way we were. By 3pm I was finally 10cms dilated! It was crazy because I didn’t feel too many strong contractions as if my body had a chance to relax and it just moved the birth along quicker than before. 

We had a private midwife that knew our previous plans of a home birth & Sarah was so supportive and caring towards the situation and how much it had changed, she helped hubby and I feel confident that we were still in control of the birth of our baby. 
Just as I got to 10cms dilated we over heard a doctor mention a theatre for a caesarian was free and they were thinking of starting to prep me for surgery. 
My midwife looked at me and said “start pushing”!
I did not come all this way to not naturally birth my baby! Hubby squeezed my hand and I bared down. 3 pushes and baby watts travelled downwards knowing exactly where to go, I had to stimulate my boobs to help the next contractions along for the next push, it worked so well. Second set of 3 pushes and baby Watts moved past my pelvic bone, so close! 
It took one last set of 3 pushes and our little boys head was free, I reached down and touched it and it was euphoric, I could feel the love and excitement in the air around us. One last little push and out our little boy came! 

It was the most incredible moment of my life

Max needed some assistance to get started but once we heard his little cries we all cried! It was the most incredible moment of my life hearing his voice. Max was born 35+1 and had low blood sugars so was taken to NICU. We got to hold him and cuddle for a bit, we did skin to skin both with me and dad before they took him to be looked after.

Birthing my placenta didn’t go as planned as it was still attached to my uterus wall, I was taken to theatre to have it manually removed. This took a while and I wasn’t back in my room until 8pm on the 21st. 

The next time I saw Max was at 1am on the 22nd. 
He spent 5 days in NICU and I was discharged and sent home after 3 days. Those 2 days at home alone without him where a lot harder than I ever expected, thinking of it now still brings tears my eyes! Max was transferred to St John of God Midland on the 25th and I was able to spend the next 2 days with him in the pediatric ward as he was doing fantastic, he had no more wires and tubes attached we were just watching and waiting to see him start gaining weight. He did just that and Max and I were discharged and sent home on the 28th January, 1 week after his birth. 

Now when I look back at how he decided to enter this earth and what we all experienced I believe strongly that everything happens in perfect timing and in the most perfect way. 
We are so very blessed and so grateful to have a healthy baby boy ????

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