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Studio Family Photoshoot | Perth Photographer

Alison and her beautiful little ones were such a delight to have in the Studio! We captured some truly remarkable images of them all; New beginnings are a good reason for a photoshoot!

“I had intended in the past, to have some beautiful professional photos taken with my little ones… and for one reason or another (including the early arrival of my babies!), I never had them taken.  I felt that now, the time was right and marks a new phase in our lives – for me, it’s about moving from being an anxious, not very confident mother, to being more settled within myself – as a mother and as a woman.  I have been working on building emotional strength, which has significantly impacted my family life, my work as a women’s health physio (and the patients I see)… and my wellbeing at the deepest level.  I now experience delight and a profound joy in parenting (with all the ups and downs), and am seeing the response in my children – who are also more settled and confident to explore their world (even when it is a bit scary!).  What could be better!  Thanks Sharon for catching some of this through your lens.”

Alison was pampered at the beginning of her session with professional hair and make up by our very own Jill of Ever More Makeup Artistry. While Alison got to chill out and be pampered I convinced the kids to let me start the shoot and get some pretty cute pics of them!

Not only is Alison doing an awesome job of being the best possible mama to Jamie and Anais, she actively works on her own physical and emotional wellbeing (as she believes they can’t be separated!) and that of her little ones, whilst running a busy small business! Alison is the Director and Principal Physiotherapist at Hillview Physiotherapy. Hillview Physiotherapy is a unique private practice located in the City of Swan, where all physiotherapists are post-graduate trained in issues relating to women’s, men and children, specialising in the assessment and management of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, bladder and bowel problems, prolapse, changes to the body during pregnancy and postpartum, pelvic pain, and child development.

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