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Rosanna’s Birth Story | Perth Maternity and Newborn Photographer {Hypnobirthing Australia)

Rosanna and Roy came into the Studio on the eleventh of October twenty eighteen for their maternity portrait session; I typically suggest thirty seven weeks (which Rosanna was) as this is when the belly is looking beautiful and round but mama isn’t (typically) too uncomfortable just yet! Well I am super grateful that we got the shoot done as miss Meghan Rose decided she just couldn’t wait to meet her mama and daddy and entered the world safely on the fifteenth of October at just thirty eight weeks (and just four days after our shoot!).

Meeting miss Meghan Rose was an honour and to capture beautiful heirloom images of her and her family was my pleasure; Thank you so much for sharing your journey’s story with us Rosanna and Roy xo


ShaBo STUDIO - Perth PhotographerMy pregnancy journey was such a special time for me and I often have times I miss it. From the very first trimester all the way through to the last day, I was lucky enough to not experience the dreaded morning sickness and my only complaint was mild heart burn. My obstetrician said I was one of the good ones and I thank my lucky stars for my easy, healthy and comfortable 9 months carrying my baby.
Things I often miss about pregnancy is feeling those little kicks and hiccups every day, never feeling the cold, being fussed over and spoilt by everyone and receiving all those gentle touch massages from hubby that we learned in our Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes.

Hypnobirthing Australia™ was not something I’d heard of before I was 30 weeks pregnant until a friend told me about it. She said after doing the sessions, she felt prepared, ready and excited for labour and birth instead of scared and anxious.

My husband and I completed the Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes and felt the same way. We now had tools and techniques to use to help us have a calm labour and birthing experience and most importantly the knowledge of how medical interventions can impact the natural progression of labour. My birth was amazing and both hubby and I felt in control and aware of the choices we had. In the end, after listening to Hypnobirthing Australia™ tracks, slow dances, gentle massages and time in the bath, our baby girl Meghan Rose entered the world naturally as we had hoped with my request of an epidural and a required vacuum to assist with turning her around as she was posterior. She was healthy and I was able to remember the entire experience and have my uninterrupted skin to skin time with my baby after her birth.
My husband was so supportive and calming the entire time and says a lot of this was due to the hypnobirthing sessions teaching him ways of how he can help me and the importance of his role as birth partner throughout the labour.
It made a huge difference and I have no doubt that it could have been a very different experience if we didn’t know what we did.
ShaBo STUDIO - Perth Photographer




It was such a privileged to be part of Rosanna’s birth journey.

I always love reading my couple’s birth story and learning how they made the Hypnobirthing Australia™ programme work for them in their unique situation.
Rosanna explains beautifully how she and her husband worked together as a team to get the birth they wanted.

This is what hypnobirthing should be all about and why I love teaching the Hypnobirthing Australia™ course.

I can just picture them doing the massage techniques and the slow dance with the tracks in the background, So calm, so confident…birth as it should be!
For more information on Hypnobirthing Australia™, please feel free to contact Pip Wynn Owen directly and follow her on Facebook!
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