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is the print over-rated?! {Perth Portrait Photographer}

Displaying printed photos in the home has been proven to help solidify a child’s earliest memories. Fleeting moments become embedded into their personal history like measuring marks on a door frame.

I fell in love with photography when I was little. I fell in love with the concept of having a tangible item that I could hold as a child and remember those who were no longer in my world or a moment in time long gone.

Photography, to me, has always been about the keepsake of a memory. I did not grow up surrounded by family and a small collection of prints was all I had to help me remember any resemblance of what was no longer. Fast-forward to when I was blessed with the role as mama and had my own beautiful little boy to treasure; I spent a huge amount of money on a photo album of his newborn state! I do not love albums, but this is what the era had to offer and I loved the images captured and wanted the keepsake. I look at my album today and know that the images are technically “wrong” in the rules of lighting, posing and composition… but yet they are perfect to me. They are a treasured memory and one of the most precious keepsakes that I possess today;


shabo studioI am still not a fan of albums. Nor do I love my walls covered in prints, don’t get me wrong… I love a precious keepsake and I definitely love a HUGE BIG PRINT!!! but I do not want my walls covered in prints nor do I want yet another album to sit on the hall table or in the book shelf. This, this is why I have searched the photography industry high and low and found the folio box. The folio box is a beautiful keepsake box filled with your chosen images printed on archival quality rag paper and presented in a smart little matt (which you could, if you wanted to, frame and hang on the wall) or you could display it on an easel or you could have them on your own version of the “reveal wall”… but I love mine most in their little folio box on the coffee table for all of our friends and family whom visit to look at, to take out of the folio box and hold, touch and love.

Regardless of what format you love your prints to be in, the point is that you should have your images professionally printed.


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