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Farrah | Modern Beauty Portraiture {Perth Portrait Photographer}

“I was totally blown away by my family portraits from Sharon at Shabo Studio. Her ability to capture exactly how I want my children and family to remember me was mesmerising. I loved every single image more than the last and will treasure them on my wall and in my heart. I was extremely lucky that she travelled southbound to take me on for Round 2 of helping to photograph my inner beauty – a tall task considering in the 10 weeks since our last session I had lost all my hair and majority of my confidence to cancer. Sharon made me feel and look beautiful in a way I didn’t know I craved. For one moment in time I forgot to be self concious and started to feel proud. Seeing the images of someone who was supposed to be me, but still so much a stranger was surreal and unimaginably buoying for my soul. Thank you Sharon from the cotton socks on my feet to the bamboo cap on my head xxx”

Farrah’s story is emotional, it is raw, it is unfair! Mama to two beautiful littlins, Lehnae and Rhylan, Farrah was officially diagnosed with Stage Three Breast Cancer the day after Rhylan’s birth. My heart aches just writing this. I knew from the first moment that I met Farrah that we would be friends for life. Farrah is one of the most genuine, kind, real people I have ever known. We captured some precious family images before chemo began, you can see them here, but after chemo began and the side effects started to show, I really wanted to show Farrah that she is still Farrah and she is beautiful inside and out; Im so grateful that she let me xo

You can also follow Farrah’s journey on Facebook via her Farrahs Army page if you would like;


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